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    1k MIFARE keyfob ISO14443A 13.56mhz RFID NFC contactless S50 tags (pack of 10)

    Part No. : kea02-1K

    Price:  £7.20 (inc VAT)
    £6.00(ex VAT)

    Available Options:

    Above price is for the pack of 10 tags

    Standard 13.56mhz ISO14443A 1K mifare RFID keyfobs. 1K S50 mifare keytags can also be sue as NFC contactless keyfobs.


    • Access Control
    • Public Transport                                                              
    • Logical Access Control                             
    • Parking
    • Cashless Vending
    • Loyalty & Discount keyfobs
    • Leisure tag
    • Toll tag
    • Student  / Campus keyfob / School keyring
    • Identity keyfob


    1K mifare Tags:

    mifare 1K tags store 1K of information divided into 16 sectors of 4 blocks (each block contains 16 bytes). The last block of each sector is used to store the access keys and conditions; also the first block of sector 0 (the sectors are numbered 0 to 15 and the blocks 0 to 3) is used to store the tag serial number (CSN) and other identifying information. Therefore, the amount of space used to store application data is in practice 752 bytes.

    We also provide printing and encoding facility for all kinds of RFID cards, tags, keyfobs, wristbands, etc.. please contact us for pricing.


    The following IC Chips are also available:

    Frequency Chip Model Read/Write Memory Protocol Brand
    Low Frequency
    GK4001 R/O 64bit / Taiwan
    EM4100/ EM4102 R/O 64bit / EM Microelectronic
    EM4200 R/O 64bit / EM Microelectronic
    EM4550 R/W 1K bit / EM Microelectonic
    EM4069 R/W 128bit / EM Microelectronic
    T5577 R/W 363bit ISO11784/785 ATMEL
    Hitag1 R/W 2K bit / NXP
    Hitag 2 R/W 256 bit / NXP
    Hitag S256 R/W 256bit ISO11784/785 NXP
    High Frequency
    Mifare 1K R/W 1K byte ISO14443A NXP
    FM11RF08 (Mifare 1K compatible) R/W 1K byte ISO14443A Fudan
    Mifare 4K R/W 4K byte ISO14443A NXP
    Mifare Mini S20 R/W 320 byte ISO14443A NXP
    Mifare Utralight R/W 512 bit ISO14443A NXP
    Mifare Utralight C R/W 1536 bit ISO14443A NXP
    NTAG203 R/W 168byte ISO14443A NXP
    Mifare Desfire EV1 2K R/W 2K byte ISO14443A NXP
    Mifare Desfire EV1 4K R/W 4K byte ISO14443A NXP
    Mifare Desfire EV1 8K R/W 8K byte ISO14443A NXP
    Mifare Plus S-2K/ X-2K R/W 2K byte ISO14443A NXP
    Mifare Plus S-4K/ X-4K R/W 4K byte ISO14443A NXP
    I CODE SLI R/W 1024bit ISO15693 NXP
    I CODE SLI-L R/W 512bit ISO15693 NXP
    I CODE SLIX_S R/W 2048bit ISO15693 NXP
    Tag-it 2048 R/W 2048bit ISO15693/18000-3 Texas Instruments
    UHF U CODE HSL R/W 2048bit ISO18000-6B NXP
    U CODE G2XL R/W 368bit EPC C1 GEN2 NXP
    U CODE G2XM R/W 880bit EPC C1 GEN2 NXP
    U CODE GEN2 R/W 512bit EPC C1 GEN2 NXP
    Monza 3 R/W 512bit EPC C1 GEN2 Impinj
    Alien9662 R/W 800bit EPC C1 GEN2 Alien
    EM4324 R/W 1024bit ISO18000-6B EM Microelectronic

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