• dual technology reader supports 13.56mhz and 125khz and HID Prox
    dual technology reader supports 13.56mhz and 125khz and HID Prox
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Dual technology access control reader 26bits supports 13.56mhz and 125khz as well as HID cards

Part Number JM104-MH
Price:   £90.00 (inc.VAT)
£75.00 (ex.VAT)

Dual technology waterproof access control ready can read 13.56mhz and 125khz cards. Supports reading uid of mifare (13.56mhz), EM (125khz) and HID 26bit (125khz) card or tags. Can install and cover both US and UK standard gang box.


Design & Technologies:

  • Dual technology access control card reader
  • Support reader to read UID of 13.56mhz mifare family of cards like 1k, 4K, ultralight, ntag203, desfire, mifare classic, mifare plus, 125khz EM cards like EM4001, EM4102, EM4200, T5577 and HID Prox, HID Prox II
  • 26bit Wigand output (10 digit)
  • Led indication
  • Economical design mount
  • Design with End User logo is possible
  • Tamper protection


Friendly Installation:

  • All models are filled with epoxy and weather proof
  • Universal back plate allows the reader be installed on different size of gang box
  • Non-drop bottom screw made servicing easy
  • Back plate allows the reader install on metal surface and back-to back without affecting the read range
  • All input and output signals are protected against static charges
  • Reverse power protection
  • All inputs are 12Vdc protected