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    Security guard patrol rod with flash light function reading 125khz checkpoints
    Security guard patrol rod with flash light function reading 125khz checkpoints
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    Easy to use software for reporting and tour management
    Easy to use software for reporting and tour management
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Rugged guard tour mobile patrol system with flashlight checkpoints and tour monitoring software

Part Number GS-V4
Price:   £216.00 (inc.VAT)
£180.00 (ex.VAT)
£204.00 (inc.VAT)
£170.00 (ex.VAT)
Available Options:
Additional checkpoints:
  •  10 tags (+£10.00)
  •  25 tags (+£24.00)
  •  50 tags (+£47.50)
  •  100 tags (+£92.00)
Additional Guard fobs or cards:
  •  10 cards (+£10.00)
  •  10 fobs (+£10.00)
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Sturdy and durable 125Khz rfid guard tour patrol reader with flash lighting torch and impact detection function. GS-V4 guard tour patrol reader system is consisted by GS-V4 patroller, checkpoint tags, guard id fob, GS-V4 patroller belt carry case, power supply and intelligent software for patrol management and report generation. As a patrol management device, it is widely used in public security bureau, railway, army, post, telecommunication, mobile communication, grain warehouses, petroleum industry, public traffic, highway, enterprise and commercial centres, hotels, technical building and living communities.



  • Military components
  • Durable metal body
  • IP67 standard
  • USB connecting cable, high download speed
  • Non-contact reading of RFID tag
  • Fully water proof and vandal proof
  • Sabotage absorbent, resistant to electrical shock
  • Super storage capacity of 60000 records
  • Power off protection
  • Reading distance ≤ 5 cm
  • Real time internal clock


Package Contents:

  • Guard patrol reader
  • USB downloading cable
  • power supply charger
  • patrol reader holster
  • Software and manuals
  • 2 x checkpoints
  • 1 x guard id card


How it works:

  1. The patrolling guard takes the reader and read his own Guard ID to identify himself with the system
  2. Then the guards go to the checkpoints, the Reader will automatically read each checkpoints and no need touch it. When reading successfully, a “vibration and green led flash” means that a reading has been made. The GS-V4 reader will store the ID number and time for every checkpoint reading.
  3. After patrolling tour is done, use the USB cable to connect the computer and reader directly and get a data analysis, reporting and management. The reader can store up to 60,000 records so it is not necessary to download then daily you can download weekly or monthly depending on your requirement. Once the data is downloaded from the reader to the PC it will erase from the reader automatically but will always be there on the PC so you can do back date and can look up old reports or activity.



material Aeronautical Aluminum Alloy
read mode contactless
frequency 125KHz ID RFID read er
Lighting strong light , general light , low light , SOS flash light
Communication USB  cable
reading distance 3-5 cm
Operating temp -40°c~85 °c
Battery 3.7V 18650 rechargeable Li-battery
Battery capacity 2200mA
memory 30000 Items
size length 18cm , diameter 3cm
weight 180g