• Light weight, rugged real time live guard monitoring system
    Light weight, rugged real time live guard monitoring system
  • Security guard patrol with 3G and GPS monitoring
    Security guard patrol with 3G and GPS monitoring
  • GPS Guard live monitoring with Maps
    GPS Guard live monitoring with Maps
  • Real time monitoring and reporting software
    Real time monitoring and reporting software
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Real time guard tour system mobile GPS patrol with web based monitoring software

Part Number GS-P5-web
Price:   £476.40 (inc.VAT)
£397.00 (ex.VAT)
Available Options:
Additional checkpoints:
  •  10 tags (+£10.00)
  •  25 tags (+£24.00)
  •  50 tags (+£47.50)
  •  100 tags (+£92.00)
Additional Guard fobs or cards:
  •  10 cards (+£10.00)
  •  10 fobs (+£10.00)

GS-P5 intelligent guard tour system adopts world-leading GPS (Global Positioning System) and RFID technologies. Sending patrol information (guards, longitude & latitude, and checkpoint on site, event, time, alarm) through 3G network real-time. It can be used to monitor and supervise the guard who need to take long-distance patrol in many fields. The device will record guard’s patrol route in real-time, and show in software’s map, also the software is cloud based so no need any installation and can be login and view from any device connected to internet. Thus can realize effective management for guard’s working condition and field work. GS-P5 has two touch keys, one ON/OFF key, and one Reset key. The device adopts ABS plastic, which is fully waterproof, shatterproof and shockproof. The battery of device is with large capacity, which guarantee long working hours. The outstanding feature of GS-P5 guard tour system is that sending patrol message, location or alarm message in real time.. As a patrol management device, it is widely used in public security bureau, railway, army, post, telecommunication, mobile communication, grain warehouses, petroleum industry, public traffic, highway, enterprise and commercial centres, hotels, technical building and living communities.


Advantages of online web based software:

As its a real time online system so no installation of software is required for monitoring. The software is web based so simply login to a website and can control all the routes, monitoring as well as checkpoint setup. Can be use with any device capable of web browsing and internet. The data is uploaded instantly via 3G as soon as the checkpoint is scanned. The headoffice or the user or clients can than just simply open a webpage from any pc, mobile or tablet anywhere in the world and can see the data, alarms, locations, etc and can save it or generate a report or email a report etc.. Also the Manager can add different login with different permissions like can create a account for the end customer so he can only login and see the reports but cannot see or change any settings for the route or other details.

Simple one off payment and you get the full guard tour system online and you can add as many tour system, routes, sites as you required. (Sim card is not provided with the system, the customer can use any mobile network sim card)


 (The package includes 1 x reader, 2 x checkpoints, 1 x guard id fob, 1 x carry case holster, 1 x usb cable and 1 x UK charger (it does not include SIM CARD, customers are required to purchase their own sim card of any network) call us for bulk prices and discount)


  • Military components
  • Durable body
  • IP67 standard
  • USB connecting cable
  • Non-contact reading of RFID tag
  • Fully water proof and vandal proof
  • Sabotage absorbent, resistant to electrical shock
  • Location accuracy under 10 meters
  • Power off protection
  • Weight:142gms
  • Real time internal clock


Package Contents:

  • Guar d patrol reader
  • USB downloading cable
  • power supply charger
  • patrol reader holster
  • Manual CD & Web login information (sent by email)
  • 2 x checkpoints
  • 1 x guard id card


How it works:

  1. Once item received, for the very first time, insert the data enabled 3G or GPRS sim card than connect the reader to the PC to setup the mobile network provider settings. And route and checkpoint setup.
  2. Then the guards go to the checkpoints, the Reader will automatically read each checkpoints and no need touch it. When reading successfully, a “vibration and green led flash” means that a reading has been made. This data will be instantly uploaded to the cloud. If in case the 3G signal is not available than it will store and will automatically try sending when the signal is available again.
  3. Once the data is uploaded from the reader to the cloud it will erase from the reader automatically but will always be there on the cloud so you can do back date and can look up old reports or activity.



material Heavyduty ABS plastic
read mode contactless
frequency 125KHz ID RFID reader
Lighting general light , low light , SOS flash light
Communication GPRS, 3G or USB  cable
reading distance 3-5 cm
Operating temp -45°c~85 °c
Battery 3.7V rechargeable polymer cell
Battery capacity 2000mAh
Working time Working hours: 30 hours (every 10s interval to send patrol message automatically)
size 102mm x 63mm x 26mm
weight 142gms