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1D or 2D Barcode Scanners and Bar Code Readers :

We stock a huge range of barcode scanners, swipe badge reader and handheld readers with bluetooth, cordless and wireless scanners, USB, CCD / 1D / 2D barcode scanners, omni directional desktop scanner and ruggedised hand-held barcode scanning technology.

Our barcode readers are available with a number of interfaces allowing cabled connection to variety of host devices. For most PC and MAC users the USB (HID) interface provides the most flexible and easy to use, simply plug the usb barcode scanner into a USB port (no driver required) and scanned barcodes appear on screen as keyboard emulation. Alternative interface options include RS232, USB (VCP - Virtual COMM Port) and PS2 keyboard wedge, if you are unsure please contact us for expert advice on the most suitable interface.

CCD barcode readers:
Linear imaging CCD barcode scanner versions are capable of scanning barcodes at greater distances depending on individual model specification providing a cost effective distance scanner for all low volume barcode scanning applications including Retail, Distribution, Healthcare and Libraries.
Laser barcode scanners:
These are ideally suited to non contact scanning of barcodes at a greater depth of field, with our entry level Laser scanners capable of scanning barcodes at distances of up to 7" (Depending on code type and quality), auto triggers and hands free stands for handheld or hands free operation are available.
2D scanners and barcode readers:
2D engine offer the latest technology in terms of barcode scanning available today. 2 Dimensional barcodes allow more information to be encoded and arranged in a smaller area using 2D barcodes made up of squares, dots or other symbols. 2D barcode readers can also read traditional 1D barcodes or linear barcodes. As a result they are gaining popularity and are viewed as an investment due to their versatility and future-proof technology. 2D scanners can also scan any barcodes from the mobile or tablet or any screens.

Please contact us for prices or any further technical information.

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Displaying 1 to 23 (of 23 products)
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