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JM Prime Technologies is a solutions provider. We are not just a hardware provider, but we are also systems integrator and solution developer we actively work closely with our customers to find the most competitive and the best solution for their business needs. We are well know throughout the trade, for supplying rugged handheld terminals and tablets, RFID products, barcode scanners, guard tour systems, access control and many other products. We are strong in the fields of RFID, information kiosk, asset tracking, retail, warehousing, logistics, animal tracking, hospitality, loyalty, health care, pharmacuticals, and more.

Not only we support sale and distribution of products, but we also proved software development, integration, after sales support, maintenance, repairs, extended warranty and consumables. We have a well-equipped in house software development and maintenance department where we repair and maintain all the equipment we supplied. Our sales policy is to provide not only good quality products at competitive prices but also to give our customers a high level of technical and commercial support.